The Cedar Rapids Beer Summit is this Saturday, May 21st, and I've been marking off the days on the calendar for this event. I worked at many craft beer tastings in my previous job but this will be my first one since moving to Iowa 2 and a half months ago and I can wait to (hopefully) see you there.

What's always been so interesting to me about craft beer is you never really know what to expect with each individual beer. There are so many different varieties and flavors that it can almost be overwhelming at times. Trying to keep up with what's new, or even trying to remember which ones you like.

Personally, I have no desire to try and remember all of the different craft beers. It would be impossible. I'm a try them as they appear kind of guy. The best way for me to remember a craft beer is if it has a unique or strange name.

Unsplash - Christin Hume
Unsplash - Christin Hume

Just Beer App has compiled a list of all different kinds of craft beers that are brewed in Iowa or have been at one time. Here are some of the strangest/most unique named beers I could find.

Tip the Cow from Single Speed Brewing. If you like em' dark this might be for you. Has anyone actually gone cow-tipping?

Lewbricator from Kalona Brewing Company. What a perfect-looking beer to end a workday with. I'm guessing this one goes down smoothly.

To Peach Their Own from NoCoast Beer Co. Everyone enjoys a good pun right?

Shadow Raptor from Toppling Goliath Brewing Company. This almost sounds like a character out of a Marvel movie.

Lake House Haze from Toppling Goliath Brewing Company. Toppling makes another appearance on the list! Anytime you're at the lakehouse don't you feel like you're in a dream?

Beach Bod Battle from ReUnion Brewery. It's about that time of the year we're all fighting to get beach bod ready.

Cluster Fuchs by Fox Brewing. This mostly made the list because of my immaturity...

Old and In the Way by Thew Brewing Company. After turning 31, this is what I feel like whenever I have to buy a new phone or anything to do with technology.

Bohemian Rapids by Iowa Brewing Company. To be fair there isn't really anything strange about this name...I just really liked the design of the can. Maybe after a couple of these, you'll have the confidence to sing like Freddie Mercury.

Breakfasty by Fenders Brewing. Anytime you're looking for an adjective to describe something and you can't quite find the right word, just add the letter Y to the end of the noun. "Remember that one beer we tried?" "No, but it was breakfasty."

Secondhand Roses by Mistress Brewing Co. Now, this is the kind of bouquet everyone can enjoy.

Take a Chill Pilsner by NoCoast Beer Co. If I laugh out loud reading the name, I have to add it to the list. If you ever have a friend getting too rowdy while partying, hand them one of these.

Gluten Full by NoCoast Beer Co. There's nothing wrong with being gluten-free at all. This beer is for those of us who pump gluten into our systems like it's our day job.

ChewBOCKa by Confluence Brewing Company. Any and every Starwars reference will make this list. If you drink enough of these I bet you'd start to sound like Chewbacca. (Please always drink responsibly. This is all just for fun)

Squad of Quads by 515 Brewing Co. Nothing better than a night out when you have a good squad with you. If you had to put together a drinking team of you and 3 others, who would be in your Quad?

I hope we get a chance to meet at the Cedar Rapids Beer Summit this Saturday!

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