Established in 1980, well before my time, the Waterloo Rowing Club is still drawing people to the Cedar River after over four decades! Ever since the flood of 2008 where over 90% of their equipment was lost, this resilient club has defied all expectations and bounced back stronger than ever.

This Saturday, August 14th, the Waterloo Rowing Club will be hosting a fun filled day where you can learn to row! Stop by anytime between 10am and 1pm and you’ll get to learn about the sport, see all the exciting new changes and updates happening at the boathouse, and of course get to see what it’s like to row.

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  • According the the Waterloo Rowing Club’s official website,
  • Lessons consist of 4 sessions after the open house
  • Times and days may vary with different crews and boat availability
  • Your first lesson will cover boat safety and equipment usage
  • We have several rowing egronmeters to help you learn part of the rowing technique
  • Each lesson will prepare you to row with others in a four or eight person rowing shell
  • Adult, and Youth/College: $75. After the lessons for $25 you can become a member of the Waterloo Rowing Club for the rest of the season!

It also needs to be noted that this amazing event is for people ages 16 and older.

This is a sport that might not cross the average person’s mind, but, given Waterloo’s prime location right on the river, it only makes sense to take advantage of this opportunity! It makes for a great thing to brag about knowing! See you there!

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