It's not every day that a giant hotdog drives into town.

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Seeing the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile drive-by is exciting enough, but on the vehicle's recent visit to Waterloo, there was a bit more excitement than usual. The giant hotdog rolled into town late last week and made a few appearances at events around the city.

Shawn McKenna
Shawn McKenna

These drivers travel all across the country for a year with their fellow doggers? We'll just say their fellow drivers.

*the official name for those with this job is HotDogger just an FYI

They are seen at various events and hotspots throughout the year, and you can even track when they're coming through to your neck of the woods on their website. If you're even hosting an event you can request them to appear with the giant vehicle.

Just last week the team came to Northeast Iowa. The drivers stopped at FridayLoo and even dropped by the HyVee in Waterloo. The latter is where something...unexpected happened. The two HotDoggers were getting ready to pack up and leave when they realized that they had locked their keys INSIDE of the vehicle.

Courtesy of kinsleypissang via Tik Tok
Courtesy of kinsleypissang via Tik Tok

I discovered this after coming across one of the individuals' Tik Tok. Kingsley is one of the elite people who drive the vehicle year round, but nobody is perfect. Her and her partner actually locked their second pair of keys inside of the trunk of the Wienermobile.

In the video, we see the team try to unlock the vehicle using different tools. No word on whether or not they got the keys out of the trunk, but I relish the thought of what Kingsley posts on Tik Tik. If you don't follow her on the social video platform I highly reccomend you KETCHUP on her adventures with the giant hot dog.

You can watch the full video of this ordeal down below!

@kingsleypissangComing to you live from the Hy-Vee in Waterloo, IA. #KetchupKingsley #KeepItOscar #JustVibes #WeLoveIowa♬ Oh No - Kreepa

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