The holiday season is finally over which means it is sadly time to take down the Christmas decorations. Whether you are happy or sad about this, the question always seems to be when is a good time or what is the date that you should take down your decorations and tree? Although there is not a national day where everyone has to take down decorations and no, you won’t get fined for not taking your decorations down by a certain time, there is traditional day that people take down their Christmas tree and decorations.

The tradition goes all the way back to the 4th century, where many Christians marked the end of the Christmas season on Twelfth Night after Christmas. This night is called the Epiphany and it signifies the 3 Kings visiting Baby Jesus. Depending on if you count the day of Christmas as day one of the 12 nights or not, this day is celebrated either January 5th or 6th. Not only is this the Epiphany but it is also the day that Christians agree is the best time to take down your Christmas tree and decorations. It is also believed that if you wait too long after the Twelfth night, it will bring you bad luck!

If you are superstitious then I would suggest taking down your decorations this weekend! However, if you’re not, be proud in your decorations and honestly just leave them up all year long. Then you don’t have to worry about putting them up again!

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