#SquatForAChange came into effect in 2018 when one dad was tired of not having changing tables in the men's restroom to change his son. Donte Palmer is a father of three and loves being a hands on dad but found it difficult to change his son in the men's restroom when there are no changing tables, so he decided to do something about it.

In 2018, Palmer posted this picture on Instagram with the hashtag, #Squatforchange, in order to bring awareness to this issue and get businesses to install changing tables in the men's room. Well, it worked. After a few months of social campaigning, Pamper's answered Palmer's call. Pamper's pledged to install over 5,000 changing tables across North America by 2021 in public restrooms.

The excitement doesn't stop there though. John Legend has also teamed up with the Pamper's "Love the Change" and Koala care encourage other businesses to do the same. Legend said in a news release he loves being a hands-on dad and believes that they should have the same amenities as women's restrooms.

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