One school is teaching students about giving back to the people in their community and giving them school credit for this.

In Dubuque, Iowa, the Alternative Learning Center is doing things a little differently when it comes to earning physical education credit. The Alternative Learning Center is a school for high school juniors and seniors whom are at risk of dropping out of school. Part of what this school does is offer classes that may not be a part of the normal high school setting but are catered to student's needs.

Part of this school's curriculum is choosing something to fulfill their PE credit. During the last two weeks of school, student's were able to choose something a little different to fulfill this credit... they were able to help some of the elderly folk in the community with disabilities with their yard work. This includes pulling weeds, raking leaves, cutting grass and so on.

This option not only allows the students to have an alternative to receiving their PE credit other than marching band or sports, but also allows them to learn to give back to their community which is the most important lesson they can learn.

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