So, this whole Area 51 raid has been in the news a lot and even gotten about 2 Million people have signed up to storm it in September to find evidence of an alien cover up. Now, some of us think this is nuts and really can't believe this even became a thing, but there is more. This "raid" has led to people trying to now put raids together to find the Loch Ness monster and even where everyone in the Bermuda Triangle goes (doubt this one will work) but it has also led to some good.

An animal shelter in Oklahoma City decided to get on this huge news story and use it for some good. Last Friday, the shelter posted pictures on their Facebook page of three different dogs in tinfoil hats and asked people to come adopt a pet to protect them from Area 51 aliens that might escape!

Their hashtag "StormTheShelter" ended up going viral and the whole thing actually worked! Many pets have been adopted, including two of the dogs in the photos. They have also raised $2,400 so far from people just wanting to help out.


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