Can you even imagine a better present for the holidays?

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On Tuesday morning, a Dubuque mother had one of the most surreal experiences of her life. This would not have happened if she had not sent out a single and very detailed email to her children.

Janet El Khatib sends out an annual "home for the holidays" email to her children every single year. According to her son, Khalid, his mother sends out an itinerary list with detailed information on what they will be eating, where they will be going, and a "detail-rich look ahead at how it's possible for me to gain 15 lbs in one week."

Khalid's mom is honestly who I aspire to be one day.

Celebrities like Chrissy Teigen even weighed in on the incredibly detailed schedule saying,

"Making this detailed schedule for all my kids 20 years from now is truly all I have ever wanted in life. This is very much exactly exactly it."

While the entire family was surprised by the tweet's response, Janet's surprised reaction to one interaction takes the cake. On Tuesday morning during the Today show's segment "Hoda's Morning Boost" the crew arranged for a neat treat.

The team at NBC coordinated a segment about Janet's extensive holiday fun list. Initially, the mother thought she would be talking to KWWL about the viral post. However, Hoda Kotb's crew at the Today Show wanted to take it a step further and have her be on THEIR show.

"She has no idea that the whole country is watching," Kotb said right before the big reveal.

For about maybe ten seconds, the Dubuque woman has no idea what's going on until Hoda slowly starts to clue her in.

"This is not KWWL..."

Before the news anchor could let her in on the surprise Janet screams,


You can watch the full segment down below!

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