If you know me, you know I am the type of person to spew creepy facts whenever it hits me. Yes, I am that girl who knows way too many facts about serial killers ( I am not one) or all the creepy facts about Halloween and yes, Halloween is my favorite time of year! So I figured why not share some of these creepy facts with you?

Now these facts are not for those faint of heart but rather those with a curiosity of what goes on in the darker parts of our world. They are also just random fascinating facts about animals, history and even the world that you may have never known but are good little nuggets to store in the back of your brain just in case you get in an awkward situation and need something to talk about. Of course, I can't promise you will have friends after spewing that you know these facts.

Let's dive into this! Warning if you get scared, paranoid or anxious easily, then you probably shouldn't proceed. If you don't like creepy animals or serial killer facts then you also probably should not proceed. Those of you who are not affected by any of these things, welcome to the creepy club! We are happy to have you! I hope you enjoy these facts from Buzzfeed and you can find more of them by going here.

Enjoy and remember if you have any creepy facts, let us know by commenting below!

Tiffany Kay's 10 Creepy Facts That Will Keep You Up At Night... Read If You Dare


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