If you're still really depressed about going back to work, the holidays being over, and life resuming normality, here's something to really put it in perspective: At least you ain't dead.

Apparently, more people will die THIS week than any other week of the year. This according to The Independent.

A study found that during the second week of January about 40% more people die than other weeks of the year. YIKES. So why is that? Well, the main reasons are the cold weather and a lot of illnesses going around. On the bright side, I guess that means as long as you can survive this week, you're good?

On the happier side, how about a joke? What did one casket say to the other? 'That you coffin?!' Ahhhhh hahaha. I hope that joke killed! Erm, cracked you up... in a non-deathy way... Stay warm and safe out there!

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