When you think of mini road trips they are usually done on the weekends to visit family or go to a special attraction/amusement park or go camping. They aren't normally done just to visit a restaurant and try a pretty normal food item that you can get in your own town rather than two hours away. Well we know I am not normal which is why it totally makes sense that I drove two hours to try this restaurant!

You all have been telling me to try Cheesy Cow Mac & Cheese in Bettendorf, Iowa for awhile, so I finally did it! That's right, my friend and I loaded up her car on a Tuesday and drove two hours (4 in total there and back) just for Mac & Cheese and I have to tell you, IT WAS SO WORTH IT!

Being a mac & cheese aficionado myself, I am seriously obsessed with finding the best mac & cheese restaurants around and when I was told I needed to try Cheesy Cow, I decided what better time than in the middle of the week on a Tuesday? Let me tell you, I was in mac & cheese heaven! I got the hot dog mac because nothing goes better with mac & cheese than hot dogs and honestly think I died and went to heaven with how good it was!

Cheesy Cow Mac & Cheese

I was so impressed at all the different versions of mac and cheese they had and not only that, they even have "Macarritos" which are basically mac and cheese burritos and if you know me, you know I am not a huge fan of Mexican food but this may change my mind! There were salads, mac & cheese sandwiches, quesadilla's and so much more! I may or may not have gotten an extra mac and cheese sandwich to take home as well for lunch the next day.

So was the two hour drive (4 hours in total) for mac & cheese worth it? Duh!

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