This weekend was spontaneous to say the least. I started it off by introducing a friend of mine to the musical "Hamilton" on Disney+ and yes, she thanked me for it later. Then I decided to take a spontaneous foodie road trip on Saturday. I dragged my friend out of bed on Saturday to take and hour and forty-five minute road trip to Ankeny, Iowa just to get Fazoli's.

However, we made a pit stop first at Grumpy Goat and then Krispy Kreme Donuts and finally picked up Fazoli's for the ride home! Honestly, if you don't have a friend you can drag along on random food road trips, you are missing out! Sunday rolled around and I spent the time de-cluttering my closet of clothes I never wear while winding down with some Elvis on vinyl. All in all a pretty eventful yet restful weekend. Where will I go next weekend on a foodie road trip? Guess we will have to wait and see!

Tiffany Kay's Weekend in 5: Foodie Road Trip