Let me preface this review by saying I normally don't like going to bars that don't have a dance floor. Since I am not a huge drinker, I just like to dance the night away, but Roxxy may have changed my mind about this.

The new bar in Cedar Falls is called "Roxxy" and let's just say it rocks (hehe, see what I did there?). This isn't your typical old bar with a few seats, long bar and some plain old music playing... oh no, this is like a time capsule taking you back in time to all things 80's, 90's and '00s. Look, I already said I am not a huge drinker so as for the drinks they were good but what impressed me was the atmosphere and decorations. I am not kidding when i say there are walls and walls covered in pictures from famous moments during those time periods, masks and iconic toys line the walls, there is a whole wall covered in cassette tapes (yes, these things are how our parents used to listen to music kids) and even a bunch of guitars hanging above the bar! But that's not even my favorite part.... my favorite decoration were the records on the ceiling that were shaped into butterflies, it was so cool!

Besides all the amazing decorations, of course the music was on point. It is all of the classic songs that are probably going to make you nostalgic if you remember growing up during those times (of, course my favorite DJ was spinning tunes all night long as well, DJ Flashback Fischels). Overall, the atmosphere was laid back and fun and my friends and I ended up going in to check things out for about an hour and stayed till bar close.

It was the bar the Cedar Valley really needed so if you are ready to have a laid back good time in a retro bar that isn't cheesy, you need to check out the  Roxxy in Cedar falls next to the Stuffed Olive! You won't be disappointed!

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