How many miles in your life do you think you've driven? KBB says the average American drives 14,263 miles per year.

That means it would take roughly 70 years to reach 1 million miles. This Nebraska UPS driver is about to accomplish that feat, without a single accident.

In my 15 years of driving, I've thankfully only been in one accident, which wasn't very serious but still irritating nonetheless. If you've ever been in an accident, you know it can be scary, painful, frustrating, and expensive. That's why I'm wondering, is the greatest driver of all time?

Mike Johnson has been driving for UPS, for 27 years, and hasn't had a single issue dealing with accidents. Not a single accident on his UPS driving record.

Someone who drives for a living is obviously more likely to run into this issue, than the average American, but not Mike Johnson.

Johnson told Fox11 that "patience and space" are the biggest things that have helped him in his long career.

Keeping distance from those who look or drive as they are distracted is key to not being in an accident as “that can give you time to react to your surroundings,” Johnson said.


I know you know to stay off your phone while driving, but here is another reminder.

Mike also said to Fox11 that over the years he's noticed phones becoming more of a distraction to drivers.

"I think things were better before I had the phone."

While distractions can be anywhere on the road, he wants to remind people that they aren't the only person trying to get somewhere.

Remember, there are other people on the road and it's important to remember to share it.

UPS does this really cool thing for employees who avoid accidents for 25 years. They add drivers into their Ring of Honor. Think of it as the hall of fame for driving.

As of March 29, UPS features 37,375 Ring of Honor drivers, across 4 continents. Nebraska has 54 of them, with Johnson Now being added.

As of 2018, there are 102 Ring of Honor UPS drivers from Iowa according to Globe-News Wire.

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