As we head towards the new year, most of us are really excited because those movies that have been announced will be released in 2019 are that much closer! I mean come on, they have kept us in suspense this long waiting for them so of course we are really excited for these movies and even TV shows or seasons to come out. That is one of my favorite things of the new year because I love seeing where the story will go or what will really relate to me in the new year.

Not only am I excited but the internet is too (and by internet, I mean those who search it because the internet is an inanimate object and does not have feelings)! People are continuously re-watching their favorite trailers and searching for when their favorite movies and TV shows are coming out. Based on the most page views for these shows, Bustle has put together a list of the most anticipated movies and TV shows of 2019.

I won’t spoil too much but if you guessed that Marvel would lead the race, then you would be right as most of us are excited for the new Avenger’s movie and for “Captain Marvel” as well. Following that up are many sequels including the sequel to the remake of “IT,” because you know we all love our horror movies (we might be a slightly messed up society but it is ok).

If you want a full list of the most anticipated movies and TV shows of 2019 just click the link below for the full article.

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