America really loves our pickups and SUV's. In 2019, the Ford-F series pickup secured the title of America's best-selling vehicle, a title it has held for decades. Although this seems to be the most popular vehicle in America, securing the top spot in 31 states most of which being the Midwest, it was not the most popular in Iowa.

According to USA today, the car research site Edmunds did an analysis of retail vehicle registration to determine what each state's best selling vehicle is. Edmunds has reported that Iowa's best-selling vehicle in 2019 was the Chevy Silverado (which was also the third best-selling vehicle in the country). Sorry Ford lovers.

The study continued to break down these results to find the average amount of money that we are willing to spend on these vehicles. According to the study, we are willing to pay $26,104 on midsize cars,  $35,407 on midsize pickups and $39,878 on midsize SUV's. The question now becomes, will the Ford-F series pickup continue it's reign in 2020? We will just have to wait and see.


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