Never thought we'd survive without these favorite bars, pubs, and taverns.

When I was 21, all the bars that we used to go to Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights have all come and gone. Here in the Cedar Valley, there are so many bars that we miss. Whether it was the atmosphere, the dancing, the over-pouring bartender, there are so many good bars, pubs, and restaurants that have had their time in the sun here in the Cedar Valley and though they may be gone, the people of the Cedar Valley have not forgotten.

The methodology of this survey was conducted on K98.5's Facebook Page. Every bar that got a mention in the comments section got a vote. If that comment was liked (or reacted), it received an additional vote for every like/reaction the comment got.

The Top 3 most missed bars in the Cedar Valley are:

1. Coyotes

2. Shagnastys

3. Jokers

Every bar voted and their total votes are listed below.

Coyotes: 50
Shagnastys: 45
Jokers: 32
Broosters: 16
Wheelhouse: 8
The Hub: 8
4th & Main: 8
Coconuts: 8
Billy Joe's: 7
Stebs: 6
Diamond Dave's: 6
The Bermuda Triangle: 5
Rush: 5
Thunderbird: 5
Mojo's: 4
The Back Ally: 4
Pats: 4
Stein: 3
Buck Hill: 3
Black Bull: 3
Bourbon Street: 3
The Music Box: 3
The Sandpiper: 3
Gingers: 2
Airliner: 2
Spinner McGee's: 2
Carl's: 2
Circle: 2
Wink's: 2
The 13th Step: 1
Iron Fireman: 1
Big Al's: 1
Wranglers: 1
Lemon Tree: 1
The Roundup: 1
The Hitchin' Post: 1
The Bobcat: 1
The Forum: 1
The Red Cedar: 1
Rain Tree: 1
The Ritz: 1
The 8 Ball: 1
LB's: 1
Spanky's: 1
Bulichek's: 1
Chubby's: 1
Morg's Bottom Line: 1
Evolution: 1
Tony's: 1
Pour Dick's: 1
Arlo's: 1
Club 2000: 1

Thanks to all who voted and remember to like our K98.5 Facebook Page!

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