The City of Cedar Falls is looking for help from the public on an exciting new venture.

A project a few years in the works is just about complete. It's missing one major thing!

A name!

And you could be the one to pick it out.

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This summer, tourists and locals alike will be able to enjoy some of the perks from the Cedar River Recreation Area.

“The cornerstone of the Cedar River Recreational Improvement Project has truly been creating a bright and active future for our community and the people that came together to make this opportunity possible,” said Amanda Huisman, Communications Specialist for the City of Cedar Falls.

What Is The Cedar River Recreational Improvement Project?

City of Cedar Falls
City of Cedar Falls

This project launched in 2023, and is located between Main and First Street and is adjacent to the historic downtown district.

It connects Peter Melendy Park to Gateway Park. 

According to city officials, this brand new attraction will improve the safety and accessibility of the area, enhance aquatic life whilst also providing the community with plenty of recreational water activities.

On the south side of the river, there is a feature called the “Turtle Back.”

Officials confirm that people will be able to land their watercrafts here and check out the area. 

To learn more about the project, including a link to donate, make sure to go check out the official webpage here.

“It seems only fitting that we celebrate the launch of this exciting new chapter by inviting our citizens to help name it," Huisman said in a statement.

How Can I Submit A Name Suggestion?

Any member of the public can submit a name online. You can do so at the link here. 

Suggestions are due to the city on April 19th, so make sure to get those name ideas in as soon as possible.

You'll need to fill out that form and explain your reasoning behind choosing that name. So, unfortunately your suggestion of naming this area "Yo Mama" will probably be turned down unless there is a really good reason for it!

Stay updated on the name selection process by following the City on Facebook @citycf or visit

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