Your cell-phone carrier might be going through a major change over the next year.

It was announced on Tuesday, May 28th, 2024, that T-Mobile and USCellular have struck a deal that is set to affect thousands of carriers all across Iowa.

T-Mobile will be acquiring most of USCellular's wireless operations, according to a press release.

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T-Mobile Acquisition of UScellular Promises Better Service for Rural Iowa


In addition to the wireless operations, T-Mobile will also be taking on approximately 30% of spectrum assets.

This acquisition will allow for T-Mobile to provide their 5G service to millions of UScellular customers, particularly those in rural areas.

Those with UScellular will be able to transition out of a "roaming experience" outside of their coverage area to full on 5G access.

T-Mobile customers are also set to get some perks too!

Those who have T-Mobile as their carrier will also be getting access to UScellular's network in areas that were not covered previously/had limited coverage.

“T-Mobile’s purchase and integration of UScellular’s wireless operations will provide best-in-class connectivity to rural Americans through enhanced nationwide coverage and service offerings at more compelling price points,” said Laurent Therivel, CEO of UScellular.

“The transaction provides our customers access to better coverage and speeds, as well as unlimited texting in more than 215 countries, content offers, device upgrades and other T-Mobile benefits.”

When Is This Set to Happen?

According to the T-Mobile press release, this acquisition will be complete by mid-2025.

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