The past few months have been quite difficult for all of us, but even when things were REALLY tough the kids in our community showed us that they were even tougher. With adjusting to online learning in March, keeping up with homework, and making friends in the middle of a pandemic; the kids in our community have had a lot on their plate.

It's been some time since we last honored some especially exceptional students. The moment that we announced that we'd be awarding a few good kids with this recognition, our inbox got flooded with nominations. It took us forever to comb through all of the applications to pick out one student that we thought deserved it.

Thanks to our partner the Screaming Eagle Bar & Grill, we were able to get back in to the swing of celebrating how amazing Waterloo students are.


Our very first student of the week for 2021 is Nadia D. She is a first grader from Orange Elementary who is exceling at school, and learning way beyond her grade level. Nadia also is keeping busy with quite a few extra curriculars.

While she may be a great student, she is an even better person. Nadia always seeks out ways to help other students. Like we said earlier, kids are dealing with unprecedented obstacles, but this first grader understands these challenges and meets them head on.

Here's just a bit more about our current honoree:


"She is a true example of child perseverance and commitment to keeping others safe while enjoying life and giving her best to others."

Congratulations, Nadia! Keep up all of the great work!

If you know of a child in a Waterloo public school that you think deserves to be our next K92.3's Student of the Week go and nominate them! We will be honoring amazing students each week up until Memorial Day Weekend in May.

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