Iowa is home to some cool vacation spots.

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Maybe this year you won't to give the gift of a vacation for someone important in your life. A recent study from PR Newswire came out that said that most Americans would take "experiences" over material gifts this year.

77% of us would prefer getting some sort of unique experience like concert tickets or a vacation over anything else you'd might find under the tree. To get more detailed about this, 63% of Americans admit that they'd love to be surprised with some sort of travel opportunity.

The other 37% seem like sticks in the mud...

If you are like a whole lot of people and put off your holiday present shopping until the last minute let me help you out!

BTW~ Did you know that one third of men in Iowa wait until Christmas Eve to buy their significant others a present? EEK! Read more about that here.

Maybe this year give the gift of travel! But don't just travel anywhere! There are plenty of fun places in Iowa that you could check out for a little staycation!

There are some strange (but fun) rental properties you can check out that aren't too far from home AND wouldn't necessarily break the bank. Two of my favorites involve a fire house in Cedar Rapids and a Pyramid in Clear Lake. Check out both of them down below!


Strangest Rental Properties In Iowa

Here are just some of my favorite strange and cool rental properties that you can check out in Iowa!

If you're a farmer/farmer at heart then maybe this next one will be more your speed.

This chicken coop in Fayette has recently been renovated to be a tiny home. It's located on 300 acres of farmland right by a winery which is owned by the same people who own this little house.

While this is a unique tiny home, it's not the only location on the premises. Not too far away there is another interesting Airbnb owned by the same people, but this one is a grain bin. Check it out down below!

Chicken Coop Airbnb in Fayette

At this Airbnb you'll rise with the chickens...literally. Well, kind of. While there are no chickens in this tiny house, you can still have some fun in this cozy space in Fayette.


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