Back in 2019, the University of Iowa had a basketball player named Jordan Bohannon, who was just "trying to do some trolling and poke fun at a good rivalry." Point Guard Jordan Bohannon took off his game shoes, after the Hawkeyes beat the Cyclones, and wrote a message on the shoes saying

to ISU, Thanks for the memz :)

He left them on the court, in Ames, and walked off. Somehow the pair of shoes ended up back on the University of Iowa's bus and thankfully they did. Those shoes ended up being part of a huge fundraiser, with all of the money raised going towards the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital.

Jordan will go down as one of the greatest three-point shooters in the history of college basketball and will have that honor for the rest of his life. His basketball career will be something he gets to be proud of and bring with him wherever he ends up in his life. It turns out that what he did off the court might be considered more impressive.

Jordan's shoes ended up raising $26,000. He auctioned the shoes off for $10 a ticket and a young boy from Tipton, Iowa, ended up being the lucky winner. Sid Hesse donated his own money, ($110) that he collected from a garage sale, and now owns a pair of Jordan's game-worn shoes.


Sid has now collected his winnings and in an interview with KCRG he said

It made me really happy and I thought I had no chance of winning the shoes.

$26,000 was donated to the Children's Hospital for Pediatric Cardiology KCRG reports. Pediatric Cardiologists try and diagnose and treat children with heart conditions before they are born, through childhood, and into adulthood, according to Health Careers.

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