Yesterday afternoon, at 11 a.m, the Cedar Rapids fire department responded to a call about a house fire, in the 3600 block of Northwood Drive Northeast. Thankfully no one was significantly hurt, as there was a firefighter treated for minor injuries on the scene, and was later released.

"Officials say that protective gear helped prevent him from getting more seriously injured."  according to reports. The resident of the home did make a trip to the hospital however there are no confirmed injuries.

All in all, everyone involved was able to get out safely, and other than the home being significantly damaged, everyone involved is very lucky to be safe. That's only a part of the story.

When police officers arrived, with the firefighters right behind them, a stranger had let officials know "the only occupant present was safe" and then ran back inside to save a dog, who he had heard barking.

What an absolute hero. I have parents that I'm pretty sure would want to save our dog before getting the rest of the family out safe. I'm only kidding, I think? Earlier today on the K92.3 morning show Kerri and I were talking about people's love for their pets and it's completely real. Our family pets really do feel like a part of our family over time and the fact that this random stranger was willing to risk his own life for this dog's safety, he deserves all the praise he gets. To some people, that would be like saving their child.

The Cedar Rapids Fire department did mention this, "We appreciate the Good Samaritan who assisted in this incident but wants to remind you to always prioritize your personal safety when faced with unknown dangers like this."

Hopefully, the resident of this home is able to track down this amazing person and say thank you. Also, a big shout out to the brave men and women of the Cedar Rapids Fire Department and Police Officers who were able to get control of the situation and prevent anyone from being seriously injured.

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