We, the fewer than 3.5 million who call Iowa home, are a small but mostly proud bunch. Most Iowans have a good amount of state pride, it seems. I see a lot of "Iowa Home" shirts. I see a lot of love everywhere for native Iowans like Caitlin Clark and Ashton Kutcher.

But, like almost anyone from almost anywhere, we believe in certain stereotypes about our state brethren. For example, convince me 97% of Iowans couldn't find the turn signal in their car if their life depended on it. I decided today was as good a day as any to try and debunk, as best I can, 10 common myths many native Iowans believe.

Debunking a myth: not always easy

As you're going to see, many if not all of these myths are open to scoffing, or downright disbelief. But, I hope you at least consider that many of the myths natives, perhaps you, and others have about Iowa are inaccurate.

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Shall we jump in? Have a look at the 10 myths many native Iowans believe to be true about the Hawkeye State.

Let me know if you feel any were missed, or if any are way off.

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