When I learned that the Foo Fighters drummer, Taylor Hawkins, died this past Friday, in Colombia, I wasn't exactly sure how to feel. I've never met him, he has no clue I exist, but it did feel like a friend of mine was gone.


I've seen the Foo Fighters live 4 times and have been a fan since the age of 14. My friend Sam took me to one of my first big concerts and it was the Foo Fighters opening up for Bob Dylan. In reality, they stole the show and I remember it to this day as a Foo Fighters show, in which Bob Dylan performed at.

The first Foo Fighters album was released in 1994 and it took them 22+ years to make their first trip to the capital of Iowa, according to reports. One of the highlights of that show was Taylor, switching places with frontman, Dave Grohl, and taking lead vocals. They performed a cover of the popular Queen song, Under Pressure.

If you aren't a Foo Fighters fan or have no clue who Taylor Hawkins is, he not only was an incredibly talented musician and drummer, he almost may have been the "greatest Queen fan of all time"


"Queen was my first concert and every concert since has been a bit of a letdown," Hawkins told the Hall of Fame audience when he inducted the band in 2001. "Two of the best hours of my life."


"Bohemian Rhapsody is the first song I really remember hearing as a kid" Taylor mentions in this interview.

To see him get out from behind the drums and take on the role of the frontman is nothing new to anyone who's seen the Foo Fighters live. One of my favorite songs on their Skin and Bones live album is Cold Day in the Sun, in which Taylor would play drums and sing at the same time.

What makes me the saddest is wondering if the Foo Fighters will continue to make music. They will never sound the same. When you have a once-in-a-lifetime drummer in your band, they simply can't be replaced. No one on the planet will be able to fill Taylor's shoes or play the way he plays, and honestly, I can't imagine anyone would want to. He and the rest of his bandmates have put in so many years together. They've played so many shows, they know what each other is going to do before they do it. You can't teach that to just anyone. You need time and shows together, to build up the kind of chemistry the Foo Fighters have. You wouldn't blame them if they all wanted to just hang it up and call it an amazing career. After releasing 10 studio albums, creating an HBO documentary, Sonic Highways, and playing shows in all parts of the globe, it's tough to envision them moving forward.

I've never met you Taylor, but I sure will miss you.


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