No matter where you live, there are going to be pros and cons to every living situation in the world. Some places will have a lot more pros while others might way more heavily to the con side of things. I can already think of a few places in the world right now I would never want to live in...

Tyrell and Nikki are YouTubers who create a lot of travel vlogs. They've put together some fantastic videos on their adventures throughout Iowa and other parts of the country. They have 759 subscribers and this video has a little over 34 thousand views. They put together a pretty extensive list of the pros and cons of living in Iowa. I was curious about what you think of their list.

Do you agree with most of them? Do you disagree? Are there pros you'd put in the cons list or cons you'd put in the pros list? Let me know in the comments.

They cover everything from the amount of traffic, the weather, the friendly people, politics, and the balance between bigger cities and rural areas.

My list of pros and cons for living in Iowa has changed little by little ever since moving from Minnesota to this state about a year ago. I've learned to really appreciate the cost of living here in Iowa. We recently learned Iowa is one of the top 5 states for first-time home buyers, which directly impacted my fiance and me in a positive way, as we purchased our first home a little over a year ago. I also think the weather in Iowa has started to make me a little bit soft... and I love it.

Iowa winters can definitely have their brutal moments. It obviously snows and gets cold here but I swear every time I visit family or friends back in Minnesota, I'm freezing. I've started to joke with family and friends that I've become a "Southerner" and that they're going to have to travel south if they want to visit because it's too cold up there.

You might not notice it if you haven't spent much time in the state to the north but I'm pretty surprised how much warmer it feels in Iowa than up there. Maybe the weather isn't what's making me soft, maybe I'm just getting old.

I also appreciate that for the most part, Iowa is a pretty safe place to live. Yes, there is more crime in Iowa's bigger cities but compared to other metropolitan areas, Iowa is pretty tame. I've never felt unsafe, in any location, since moving here. According to Travel Safe, Iowa tied Wyoming for the 6th safest state to live in, in 2022. Crime does happen in Iowa but crime happens everywhere in the world. Sadly, it's just part of life.

Check out Tyrell & Nikki's video on the pros and cons of living in Iowa and let me know what you agree or disagree with!

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