Last month it was reported that one of our favorite spots in Waterloo would close for several weeks due to short-staffing. Unfortunately, this isn't the case and they will be almost completely closing their Waterloo doors.

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Here's What's Poppin' in Waterloo closed for two weeks due to staffing issues. The announcement from late May specifically said that the owner wanted to, "prevent burnout on my existing dedicated employees."

The Waterloo location was meant to stay closed until May 29th.

It turns out this closure will be made permanent. In a Facebook post made early Tuesday morning, officials from the popular popcorn joint said that they will be closing the Waterloo location.

"Our Waterloo store will no longer be open daily, we simply don't have the means to run both stores."

While you won't be able to go to your favorite snack shop in Waterloo anymore, the Here's What's Poppin' business won't be going anywhere. The Cedar Valley staple will stay in the Cedar Falls location which is a huge relief for us, snackers. There is still plenty of opportunities to snag some popcorn pretty close to home.

Plus in their social media statement, officials from the business say that they'll still be opening up for some pop-up dates, but not much else.

You can order most of their products on their online snack shop store. They also are involved with various community events, so you'll still get a chance to go and support the local business.

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