I like to think that I can handle the cold pretty well, but this guy takes it to a WHOLE new level. The snow that came in Monday night into Tuesday broke records for snowfall. This recent storm officially made this the 7th snowiest January on record.

With this weather, we almost expect to hear bad news such as the seven snowplows and the single Iowa state trooper vehicle that get hit by motorists early this week.

A man in Des Moines was seen shoveling his driveway after the storm...pretty normal, right? Well, someone snapped a photo of him digging out the road, but he was missing something.

Gloves? No.

Scarf? No.

Shirt? Also no...

Iowa man Thomas Henry went out in the harsh Iowa winter to shovel his driveway with NO SHIRT, NO SHOES, and NO COAT! I'm getting frost bite just looking at him...

WHO 13 News posted the pic on their Facebook page with the caption,

"This intrepid East Sider did not fear the blizzard! He was out shoveling his driveway barefoot and wearing only shorts this morning. BRAVO, sir! We hope you warmed up with a hot cup of coffee afterward☕️"

In a follow up piece from the news station Thomas claims that doing this is good for your health...

While he is not a professional, he does go in to more detail in the news story.

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Cedar Valley-NE Iowa Snow Storm In Photos


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