Parker McCollum is one of the hottest stars in country music right now. The country singer has been enjoying immense personal and professional success this year.

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McCollum released 'Pretty Heart' in April of 2020 which also happened to coincide with the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. It instantly became a hit, but he had to wait some time until he could perform it live. In an exclusive interview, the singer said that it had been exactly one year that he went without performing live or touring.

He didn't let the challenges of the past 18 months get him down. Over the course of this period, he finished his upcoming album 'Gold Chain Cowboy', released 'To Be Loved By You' which is his biggest record to date and even got engaged.


Parker and his longtime girlfriend Hallie Rae Light announced their engagement earlier this month. His sister is an event planner who "absolutely knocked it out of the park" when it came to his engagement.

McCollum has been making quite a few visits to Iowa over the past few weeks. He performed at the inaugural Country Thunder Iowa in Forest City in early June. He joined artists like Kane Brown and Old Dominion for the music festival.

Artists travel all across the country and play hundreds of shows a year, but when asked about this specific performance at the festival Parker remembered it pretty clearly...or at least he remembered the catwalk.

"So all of our fans buy the tickets where they're a hundred yards away..." he explained. "They were just packed in their like sardines trying to get a piece of the show...I remember thinking when I turned around, 'Dude, we're in Forest City, Iowa and these people are a hundred yards away losing it and just singing every word." Parker has a lot on his plate in the next few months. He'll start
touring with Dierks Bentley for his 2021 Beers On Me Tour
Universal Records MCA
Universal Records MCA

Parker McCollum will be coming to Cedar Rapids on July 17th to the McGrath Amphitheatre. You can listen to the full interview with him down below!  

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