Do you have a "celebrity crush?" Most people usually have someone famous that they find really talented and or attractive. If you ever got the chance to talk to them or meet them, what would you say? I've never really had a plan for talking to anyone but I kind of wish I would've made a plan for getting to talk to Lainey Wilson

Lainey Wilson
Broken Bow Records

I would've never guessed in one million years Kerri was planning this. She spent the weekend at Iowa's Country Thunder music fest interviewing and talking with all kinds of country artists. Sadly I was unable to attend this year because I was a little too slow in finding a hotel. The only hotel my fiance and I could find was 35 minutes away and with gas prices being what they are, we didn't want to drive 30 miles there and back, every day all weekend.

When my phone started ringing on Sunday afternoon I had no idea what Kerri wanted. I thought she wanted to tell me an idea she had for the radio show or what I thought of a radio bit she wanted to do. I had just got done mowing the grass and thankfully she didn't call me 10 minutes before this because I probably wouldn't have answered.

First off, Kerri, thank you so much. This video is really funny and thank you for thinking of me while you were off having the time of your life at Country Thunder. Second, Lainey, thank you for being so nice. This is all obviously in good fun but you rolled with it and took the time out of your day to say high and let Kerri make the phone call. That was pretty freaking awesome.

For those of you who don't know me, you should know I have a fiance named Kori and we're getting married next September. We've been together for 6 years coming up this August. When I told her I just talked to Lainey Wilson she laughed and thought that was awesome. I jokingly told her she better be careful or Lainey Wilson might come and take me away from her. She laughed and said, "That's fine with me, I'd give you a way to most people for $20."

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