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Back in April, it was announced by the City of Waterloo that the 9th Street and South Street intersection will be closed as construction of a new roundabout would begin. It was also announced that the closure and detour would be in place until September 1. It appears as if the project is on schedule as the new roundabout construction project is almost complete.

I'm not exactly sure what it is about the state of Iowa but the only thing more divided than roundabout lovers and haters is whether or not you should go to Casey's or Kwik Star.

Back in February of 2022, there was a City Council discussion about this roundabout project and within the first 15 seconds of this video, you can hear Waterloo Mayor Quentin Hart say "uh oh" in a joking manner. I'm sure he knows all too well how divided people in Iowa are about roundabouts.

Roundabout Benefits

According to the Federal Highway Administration, roundabouts are a proven safety countermeasure because they can substantially reduce crashes that result in serious injury or death.

"Roundabouts improve safety, promote lower speeds and traffic calming, reduce conflict points, lead to improved operational performance, and meet a wide range of traffic conditions because they are versatile in size, shape, and design." 

Here is a new glance at the almost completed new roundabout coming to the city of Waterloo.

I really don't understand the hate people have for roundabouts. They are heavily used around the world and for some reason, whenever one is added in the state of Iowa, it's a hot-button issue that has people flying to the Facebook comments with a bag of popcorn.

I can't be the only one who does this...

In case you need a reminder or are unsure how to use a roundabout, follow the instructions below.

Walkerton Fire Department
Walkerton Fire Department

Roundabouts are not only safer but they help improve traffic drastically and do a great job of keeping people moving. The roundabout project on West 9th and South Street in Waterloo should be completed by the end of July.

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