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The only things guaranteed in life are death and taxes...and Iowans disagreeing about roundabout plans. I've never really understood the hatred for roundabouts in Iowa but it's almost a promise Iowans will get fired up over them, whether they're for or against them.

This disagreement between the council members and some of the town's residents isn't about whether or not a roundabout should be in place. The disagreement is whether or not it should be a single or a double.

Single or Double Roundabout?

Asbury, Iowa, a town in Dubuque County, has been in discussions about a big change to one of the city's most popular neighborhoods and the feedback hasn't exactly been great from those who live in the community, according to KCRG.

The drawback comes from residents wanting to stick with the original plan of a double roundabout as opposed to a single one. According to KCRG, a senior living community in the area of Hales Mill, Radford, and Asbury roads had plans for expansion and further development. The city originally came up with the double roundabout option but the senior living community will not be allowed to expand after going into a receivership.

What Is a Receivership?

According to Go Cardless, in simple terms, a receivership is "a court-appointed tool that is used to protect companies from insolvency and to ensure that lenders recover funds that are owed to them. 

Now that this senior living community is in receivership, the city officials want to switch back to the single roundabout option. Neighbors in this area believe the single option will not be good for the community.

Community Residents

Kath Canfield spoke to KCRG and she's been living in her home on Asbury Road for over 30 years. She's worried this single roundabout plan could change the status of her property's value, the landscaping, and it could affect her well-being.

We figure that the center of the road will probably only be about 40 to 60 feet from our bedrooms. We just really want the City of Asbury, and the council members to listen to their residents’ voices. You know we’re actually the citizens of Asbury here.

She's not the only resident who's spoken against the single roundabout plan. Karla Braig also spoke to KCRG. The city has bought portions of land right next to her home.

We bought our condo, we pay taxes on that land, it is Jim and Karla Braig’s house.

Asbury's city leaders believe this is the best option for the neighborhood as well as the most cost-effective plan. Mayor Jim Adams told KCRG

In the end council does what’s best for the community, sometimes that doesn’t work for everybody.

The council has since approved the 4 leg roundabout in a 5-0 vote.

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