Becoming a mom can be exciting, scary, nerve wracking, fun.... basically an emotional overload. Now I am not a mom, but I do know that new moms are always worried about parenting their children the right way, especially as you get up in numbers of kids. So, to help out some new moms, let's take some advice from the pros.

A survey asked moms what they had learned after having their second child and the number one answer was.... you do not need every possible gadget. Honestly, the first kid has the second one to entertain each other (this coming from a younger sibling) so you don't need to get everything for both.... in terms of all the gadgets for having a new kid, health and just baby stuff... don't worry about breaking the bank. You don't need it all.

Some other lessons that these moms passed along are:

Each kid is totally different, so follow their lead.

Be more confident as a parent, because you might know what you're doing a little bit.

Go with the flow or you'll go crazy.

It's okay if you can't do it all.

Trust your gut, even if not everyone agrees.

Ask for help when you need it.

The hard moments pass.

Being with a newborn actually ISN'T that stressful.

Babies don't really need shoes. 

Hopefully these tips help out all the new moms out there and just remember... you will be the BEST mom if you follow your instincts and just give love.

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