Dear Mother's everywhere,

How are you doing? I hope the answer is well but let me ask another question. How many times have you been asked "how are you doing" versus asking your kids and family members "how they are doing?" Probably not as many times right? There is a reason for this Moms.

You are the rock and heart of all of our families. This is a strange time for all of us and if you are like my Mom you have had to talk your kids through panic/anxiety attacks, had to reassure them everything will be okay even when you don't know the future, had to put on a smile every morning and find ways to keep the day positive for your family and you have had to inspire hope that one day things will be back to normal, sooner rather than late. This is why you are the rock and heart of all families. You step up to the plate without having a choice to take a day off. You reassure kids with love and hope and positivity that things will get better. You don't share your worry of how the world really is but rather focus on creating memories. You are the most selfless human beings out there and deserve all the rewards.

You have also had to take on some new jobs. Whether it be a working from home mom, homeschooling teacher, coach, therapist for your kids or just becoming their buddies to play games with. This is a lot of work and yes you may go to bed exhausted every single day and still worried that your kids are being affected by this pandemic but this is why you are the superheroes.

Superheroes do grand acts of kindness without being asked or asking for payment in return and this is what you do. Whether it's having 16 phone calls in a day from your adult kids to calm down a panic attack or just inform them how to do their laundry, you make a difference. Whether it is sitting down to watch frozen for the 1,579th time with your 5 year old when you would rather watch criminal minds with a glass of wine, you make a difference. Whether it is forcing your kids to do their school work at home and them being really annoyed by you because they don't want to, you make a difference.

MOM'S, YOU ARE SUPERHEROES AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE EVERY DAY IN YOUR FAMILIES LIVES. So thank you. Thank you Mom for always being my rock, my heart, my brain at times (when I can't find my remote and you tell me it is in my freezer) and my soul. Thank you for putting your kids needs before your own and being so exhausted by the end of the day you just want to pass out for the night but will still comfort your kids at 3 in the morning with a nightmare. Thank you for being selfless, kind, hardworking, strict, funny and goofy. Most of all, thank you for loving us kids always and every day no matter how much we drive you insane or make you mad or our flaws. The undying love you have for us could move mountains and we couldn't be more blessed to call you our Mom.

Happy Mother's Day to all Mom's around the world! We don't say it enough but you truly deserve all the love and appreciation in the world. Thank you for being our real life superheroes!



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