Realtors are using hilarious tactics to draw interest to their listings. This one has been getting a whole lot of attention on social media.

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It's tough times for people looking to be homeowners right now, so right now it's much easier for most of us to just rent. One listing that I found on Zillow, makes me want to pick up my bags and move to Missouri, but not neccessarily for the reason you might think.

This space in Saint Louis Missouri costs $995 to rent and seems to have a normal listing on the website. It has one bedroom, one bathroom, a dishwasher, and Kacey Musgraves.

That's right...this listing offers you a shot to room with the singer herself.


The country superstar will not be crashing on your couch anytime soon. Even if that does sound pretty cool. The owner of the property or the listing agent photoshopped Musgraves into several different photos of the property.

There are three Kacey pictures in the entire listing and the post is filled with Kacey Musgraves references, which hardcore fans (and a few casual Musgraves listeners) will understand.

Follow Your Arrow - Go in the direction of your dreams/this 2BR apartment on Lawn, with one GARAGE PARKING SPOT, and an encore-worthy front balcony. Get off your high horse, grab your roommate, (or all of your WFH office supplies??) and settle into this breadwinning, cutie apartment.

There seems to be no rhyme nor reason for this, besides the fact the realtor or owner are huge fans of the singer. You can check out the full listing down below!

Midwest Apartment For Rent: Kacey Musgraves Not Included

Realtors will do anything to draw attention to their listings...this St. Louis apartment caught our eye thanks to Miss Kacey Musgraves.

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