Moms are straight-up superheroes. One Midwestern politician had to balance two major life moments for herself and somehow managed to pull it off near perfectly.

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One Minnesotan politician is getting national attention after giving an unforgettable speech at her party's convention earlier this month. Erin Maye Quade a former State Representative has spent months on the campaign trail trying to gain her party's nomination and ultimately regain a seat in the Minnesotan State House of Representatives.

Quade, a member of the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, was getting butterflies in her stomach the morning of the convention.

They weren't from nerves though...

She had gone into labor...

On the morning of Saturday, April 23rd Maye Quade shot her campaign manager a text saying that she had gone into labor, according to the Washington Post.

Her team wasn't sure if she was going to make it, but once she got there they came up with a plan to keep her comfortable and hopefully woo the delegates.

The reason for her even making an appearance at all is because these delegates would decide which of the candidates would ultimately represent their party in the upcoming election.

There is footage of Maye Quade pausing in the middle of her candidate speech, visibly in pain as she white knuckles the podium as another contraction hits her.

My favorite part of the video is an unseen man's shock at what's going on. You can hear him saying, "Oh my God!" when she gets back into her speech.

She also dealt with the pain through the candidate question and answer portion of the convention.

According to various reports, the convention schedule was altered slightly the day of to accomodate the expectant mother. However, she ended up dropping out of the convention and possibly losing out on the State Representative seat.

Alyse Maye Quade via IG NowThis via Tik Tok
Alyse Maye Quade via IG
NowThis via Tik Tok

There are multiple accounts as to why her opponent didn't consent to suspending the convention and just going to a primary instead. Justin Emmerich, the man who ran against her ended up securing the party nomination.

After the first round of balloting, where one of the candidates needed to get 60% of the votes to win the nomination, Emmerich was leading by 55% to Maye Quade's 44%.

Some representatives from both sides are differing on what exactly happened.

Maye Quade's team said that when asked to suspend the convention and go to the primary, Emmerich refused.

Emmerich's team claims that he never rejected this idea outright.

In a Washinton Post interview the Minnesota man said,

“I responded by saying I hadn’t verified the count yet and would get back to her. She said that was fine. However, before I was able to speak with her again, she made the decision to suspend her campaign.”

Luckily, mother and baby are happy and healthy. The baby's name was revealed in an Instagram post from Maye Quade's wife.

"Welcome to the world, Harriet Blake Maye Quade- roaring into our lives at 2:20 this morning, and coming in at a very average 6 pounds, 14 oz."

You can watch a video showing her trying to get through her speech down below!

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