Dating apps are all the rage, especially during quarantine and while that may seem like an easy way to find a partner, its really difficult when it's based on a picture and a small description, basically it's a first impression based system. So, you need to put your best foot forward on these apps in order to get a date right? Well men if you have been on dating apps for awhile with no luck you may be doing this one thing wrong- posting pictures with your cat.

According to CNN, a new study from Colorado State University has found that men who post pictures on their dating profiles with their cats are less likely to get a date. Surveying 708 women between the ages of 18 to 24, Scientists showed the participants photos of two different men. Each man holding a cat in one photo and not holding one in another. The numbers showed that the approval rating for going out on a date with he potential suitor dropped in numbers when shown pictures with a cat.

Why you may ask? Well, according to the scientists women who see profile pictures of men with a cat see them as less masculine. Yes, stereotyping is unfortunately present in this scenario. Not only that but the conclusion became that women view men in these pictures as "more neurotic, more agreeable and open; and less dateable" according to the scientists. 

Basically guys, if you have been wondering what you have been doing wrong when it comes to trying to find a date---- stop posting pictures with your cat. Your welcome.


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