So I got into a fight with my sister over the weekend she was staying with me because she was sleeping in my room and said I snored. Of course, like most people, I denied it and said she actually does. Neither one of us wanted to admit we snored and like most women just came to the conclusion that neither one of us snore.

However, then I found this new survey that showed how many of us actually snore and I am sad to say that the amount of women compared to men who snore is almost equal! According to a New York Post story, the amount of men who snore is 92.6% compared to the amount of women which is 88% of women.

Now those are really close numbers and if you are surprised by that you may (or may not) be surprised by these next numbers. Apparently, women are MORE likely to deny they snore than men! Only 72% admitted to actually snoring where as the men picked up our slack by over-reporting their snoring by 92.6%.

I mean this makes sense because I have seen enough arguments occur from just this. Why don't we women admit this? Well, probably the same reason we don't admit farting or burping... it's just not ladylike.

I think it's time for a change though, so women be proud of your snoring habits! The satisfaction you can get out of this is that you are annoying someone with your snoring.

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