During the pandemic we have seen many people wear their face masks out in public whether to the grocery store, restaurant or to the park. Whether it is mandatory or not, face masks have become a regular item in our lives. Or at least for MOST of us it has.

I don't know about you but I have noticed when going out in public that I do not see as many men wearing masks as I see women and children. I have seen full families where everyone is wearing a mask but the Dad or even couples on dates where the woman is wearing the mask but not the man. Why is this?

I am not the only one who wondered this which is why there is some psychology behind the reason men don't wear masks. Hèléne Barcelo is the deputy director of the mathematical sciences research institute in Berkeley, Calif. and she recently noticed the same trend. Herself and a fellow colleague of hers decided to do a study on the topic to find out if there was any backing behind this.

They surveyed over 2,000 Americans and came to the conclusion that reasons men say they were more likely to not wear masks was because they said they saw the masks as "shameful," "a sign of weakness," and "not cool." However, for those areas that mandate masks men will wear them but not without some negative feelings towards them. You can find out more of what the study found out and reasoning behind it via the Huffington Post.

Area retailers requiring masks


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