Forget expensive medical tests or anything like that. Who needs 'em?! If you want to see whether or not you're going to have a heart attack just drop and giiiiive me 40, Private! No, seriously. It will actually prove whether or not you're fit.

A new study out of Harvard (published in UPI) found that the best sign of whether a man's heart is healthy or not is whether he can bang out at least 40 push-ups in a row. So in other words, I'm out. Bye. See you earlier, I guess Pearly Gates...

If a man can do his 40 push-ups, his odds of a heart attack, stroke, or heart disease are 96% LOWER than average. Yeah, that's 96 as in almost 100%. The researchers say the test works because your ability to do push-ups is the best overall, quote, 'marker of general physical fitness', especially for men over 40.

So on that note, drop and give me 40! Or at if you're like me, just drop cuz it ain't happening.

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