Johnny Marks and I love learning new skills... even when we are bad at it. If you don't remember or never saw our videos, I have attempted to learn how to drive a stick shift (not good at all), Johnny has tried to learn how to dance (he's not good either), both of us attempted archery and so we decided to see if we could actually be good at something for once. We chose something that most people in Iowa probably know how to do by the time they are 12... how to shoot a gun.

Now I should preface this with telling you all that I have shot a firearm before and learned how to shoot a few years back so I have a little experience there but Johnny has none. So we gathered up some of our friends and got an instructor to teach us how to safely and properly shoot a firearm.

I will say although it was very safe and serious we still had a lot of fun! Great way to burn off some energy. I was a little worried at first for Johnny having never shot a firearm before but he did a pretty good job. Not saying we are the best shots out there but good to know for the future. You never know when you may be around firearms, you want to be prepared and safe in case the time comes.

Check out our video for some safety tips and see how Johnny and I did!

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