On Marks in the Morning Monday, JP's Weird News Rodeo story was about a TikTok user named Tessica Brown who mistook Gorilla Glue for hairspray. Tessica was left with quite a mess in her hair, and could not get proper care from the ER. Initially, we had a good time poking fun at her, but after seeing what she was going through, I felt terrible for her.

Well, it a bit of good news, Tessica Brown has been treated, and is now recovering after successfully having a plastic surgeon remove the adhesive from her hair. KCRG reports Tessica flew from her home in Louisiana to California to have the procedure done.

The story reports the surgery went very well and Brown will likely be fully recovered within 2 to 3 months time. More good news for Mrs. Brown, this procedure would normally run you up a bill of $12,000, but was done for free. OH, and even more good news, she could have easily afforded the procedure after her GoFundMe page spiked at over $20,000!


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