It's been a quiet year for musicians. One of the perks of the industry is that while you may not be able to go out and perform your music, you can continue to see success from the music that you've created.

This year K-Country artist Justin Moore falls into this very category. While he wasn't performing, and admittedly only wrote one song this year; he did see major success on the country charts with his hit "Why We Drink."

Moore hopped on the phone to talk with us at Marks In The Morning all about this. He does admit that this year was hard on him too. He acknowledged that he was lucky that he saw no loss from the pandemic, but it still was a rough year.

"It was tough, man! That's who we are and what we do," Moore explains "to have it completely taken away from's pretty difficult to find your footing."

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One way he did find his footing this year was through the success of his hit song "Why We Drink." One lyric in particular stood out to us:

'Cause it's alcohol abuse, if you pour one down the sink.

While Moore will not take credit for the phrase, he was very surprised that we weren't familiar with it. He's heard it around for years and years.

"That's an expression, maybe it's a southern thing or something," Moore chuckled.

Moore and his immediate family are incredibly close with their parents; both figuratively and literally. He said that the entire premise for his hit song "Why We Drink" actually came to him at an TGIFriday's or a Chili's one day.

Moore laughs and says, "Ya know, a real classy joint!"

He ordered a few drinks before his meal had arrived, and started to feel some judgement from his parents. His mom apparently turned to him with a margarita in hand and asked, "why do you drink so much?"

He was a bit flustered by the question from what he told us, but he gave her a short reply something along the line of him just liking to drink. This interaction stuck in his mind for a bit, until he met up some of his co-writers. He told this very story and one of them responded with,

"I don't know...because it's Friday...because it's Monday."

Once Moore had those lyrics it took him some time to dream up the rest of the song. He ended up finishing this hit at his beach house in Florida.

"We  wrote that song in probably twenty minutes, standing around in my swimming pool," Moore recounts.


You can check out the full interview with Justin Moore in the IGTV video below or on the Marks In The Morning podcast which is available on our app and wherever you listen to podcasts.

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