After decades of being known as the Marion 'Indians', the district has announced the winner of the vote for a new mascot name. This fall, it will officially be the Marion 'Wolves'. Be careful...they're on the prowl. Just a heads up that this article will include more wolf and animal puns than it probably should.

The Cedar Rapids Gazette reports that the the survey to choose the new mascot was open last week and ended on Sunday. The other names up for votes were 'Storm' and no name at all. Just Marion. Count me as one that is glad that name didn't win. It simply didn't have enough bite too it. Wolves got 57% of the vote with no mascot getting 22% and Storm getting 21%. The school board will vote to accept the new name at it's meeting on May 24th.

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So lets talk about wolves, shall we? An animal not commonly found in the state of Iowa. Yes, wolves were once native here, but according to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, there is no breeding population of wolves in the state. There are many in states like Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Wolves can often roam for hundreds of miles, meaning that sometimes, a few will turn up in our state.

Talk will now turn to what the new logo for the school should look like. You voted for wolves. So go fierce, Marion. Show some teeth! The battle over a name is over. It's time to stop chasing our tails! Will the student section be called 'The Wolf Pack' or some sort of 'Den'? I can't wait for the answers, and I can't wait for my first Marion Wolves Shirt! Let's Howl!


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