If you're interested in eagles, I have an Iowa webcam for you. It's a live camera showing you what it's like to be an eagle in Decorah.

Do you remember what it was like to watch The Brady Bunch over the years? You could almost watch a family grow up before your eyes. Well, this is like that except with eagles.

The promise on YouTube is a simple one:

Take a peek inside this massive bald eagle nest in Decorah, Iowa.

Here's a live look at the eagle's nest in Decorah, Iowa now.

The Explore.org website has even more information about these eagles including the hatching of eaglets a couple months ago and the best times to view the nest. It's a pretty elaborate place for eagle information even including weather forecasts for the nest. That's special.

The Raptor Resource Project which oversees this eagle's nest is located just north of Decorah, Iowa.

Google Maps Satellite View
Google Maps Satellite View

It's amazing to get this real life look at the symbol of America. It's like The Truman Show...for eagles.

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