Jelly Roll's wife Bunnie Xo (Bunnie DeFord) wants to add one more thing to her Christmas list, but because we're a family website, we'll wait a beat before elaborating on her last minute desire.

A new NSFW song released at the podcast host's YouTube page riffs on Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas Is You," and in a way she's asking for the same thing. Bunnie is just a bit more specific during "Bring Your Package To Me (Christmas Screw)."

"Make my wish come true," she sings as the "Son of a Sinner" hitmaker wades through a mix of emotions."Baby all I want for Christmas is to be ..." well, you probably figured it out by now.

Bunnie penned this new song with David Ray, Meme Shahan and Kayla Vaughn. The video co-stars Jelly Roll (Jason DeFord) and Bailee Deford, his daughter that they raise together in Nashville.

Cookies, Christmas trees and the north pole are all mentioned, making for a Christmas song that's sure to miss traditional country radio. At times she drops the innuendo and flat out states what she's looking for. So far nearly 70,000 people have watched the video with the overwhelming majority of comments being positive.

Bunnie hosts the Dumb Blonde Podcast, a pod about her life with special guest interviews. It's a very adult podcast with references to sex and drugs plus profanity. At times the singer himself appears for a conversation that is surely nothing like one you might find other country couples (George and Norma Strait, for example) having.

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