You've heard it thousands of times, "we only have one planet." Well, we better start taking care of it. You can be a part of taking care of our planet and the Cedar Falls Community, with the second annual City-Wide-Clean-Up-Week. "This week-long event runs from April 17-April 23". - cbs2iowa

No one should want to live in a community that constantly looks like this.

Unsplash - Jon Tyson
Unsplash - Jon Tyson


There's something extremely frustrating about litter. There are thousands of garbage bins in any given city and how trash ends up on the ground is beyond me. How lazy can someone be to not just hang onto their garbage and throw it away when they get home or find a garbage bin? When I was in kindergarten my daycare friends and I started a "pickup trash club" with people in our neighborhood.

We went door to door collecting signatures for our club and then we walked around the neighborhood picking up garbage. In all fairness, I don't think we really knew we were helping the planet at the time, I think we just wanted to be a part of a club. Events like these hold a special place in my heart. My two biggest pet peeves are rudeness and littering.

The idea is pretty simple, the community is invited to clean up litter in the heavily used and traveled areas of town. This would also include trails, sidewalks, and roadsides. Whether you want to get together with your family, friends, neighbors, or co-workers this is a great time to "promote teamwork for a community cause" said Amanda Huisman, Communications Specialist at the City of Cedar Falls.

To get involved with clean-up-week there will be blue 30-gallon collection bags, provided by the Cedar Falls Public Works, which are available at the Public Works Building and the Transfer Station. These will be provided during regular business hours.

According to cbs2iowa if you'd like to participate, these are the recommended locations:

Brandilynn Blvd and Viking Road from HWY 58 to Menards

Greenhill Road from Hudson Road to HWY 58

HWY 58 to Cedar Heights Drive

South Main Street from University Avenue to Greenhill Road

College Street (18th Street to 29th Street)

Seerley Blvd from College Street to Main Street

Center Street from 1st Street to Dunkerton Road

Grand Blvd/Cedar Heights area from East Street to the City Limits


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