Nudist campgrounds... not a phrase you hear every day and especially something you wouldn't think would be in your own backyard (state). If I hear of public nudity naively I think of getting arrested for public indecency or things like nude beaches and camps only happen over in Europe. I mean these are the stereotypes, right? Well, I would be wrong to continue with those beliefs.

In most states there are certain areas considered "Adult Only" which may pertain to nudist campgrounds. You know where adults get together, shed their clothes and just enjoy nature and being in their basic form (sounds kind of freeing, but honestly I don't think I would ever do that). Would you be surprised to know there may be a place like this only a hour from Waterloo?

L.V. Campground L.L.C. is an "Adult Only Resort" in Coggon, Iowa just one hour away from Waterloo. They are like many other campgrounds where you can bring your RV's to hook up to certain amenities they have, check out their hot tub, relax by the pool, stay in one of their cabins and join in on many events they have including barn dances, bands and DJ's. There is just one thing different about this campground and the name pretty much gives it away... clothing is optional. So yes you can sunbathe in the nude, basically do anything in the nude or you can wear clothes. Your choice!

If this is your thing, then you might want to consider checking it out or even go, keep your clothes on and still have a good time! Who knows, maybe we all need to act a little more European when it comes to feeling "free". Find out more about the beautiful camp (it really is in the photos) at their website. 

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