Iowa has been ranked #4 on the Top 10 best states to drive in. Now being a new-comer to Iowa, looking at it that seems pretty good. How does it compare to my home state of Ohio? Well, Ohio was at the bottom of the list at #10 and honestly this makes perfect sense to me! Let me give you the reasons, from an outside perspective, as to why Iowa is a better state to drive in compared to Ohio.

  1. No traffic. I have literally not sat in traffic for more than two minutes while living in the Cedar Valley! Now, if you are wondering why this is a big deal, in Ohio I have sat up to 3 hours in rush hour traffic and trust me it is not fun! That is where road rage and stress come from and really why Ohioans are not the nicest people on the road.
  2. Road Rage. Speaking of that, Iowans are much nicer people when it comes to courtesy of the road which makes for safer and calm travel. You all will slow down and let people over into another lane rather than try to speed around them… this is just unheard of in Ohio.
  3. You all actually seem to have learned the laws of traffic. Iowa residents actually follow the laws of traffic instead of being in a hurry to get somewhere causing accidents, you all are safe and that is what allows for things to flow well.

There are way more reasons than this, but I wanted to give the top few as to why Iowa deserves the #4 spot on the best driving states in my opinion. Keep up the good work Iowa drivers! Maybe you can teach Ohioans a few lessons in the driving department.

If you want to see how other states ranked in driving, check out the full WalletHub article.

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