As other states across the county create incentives for citizens to get the COVID-19 vaccine, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds says that Iowa will not, adding that she is pleased with Iowa's vaccination rate, according to the Des Moines Register. 

During an event on Wednesday, Governor Reynolds stated that Iowa would not be doing any type of vaccination lottery. She noted that health care officials are out at numerous events still trying to get people vaccinated against the coronavirus. Reynolds has said that she would like to have at least 65% of Iowans vaccinated by the end of May, and 75% by the end of June. Iowa Department of Public Health officials told the Register that the 70% mark is the 'gold standard' for a vaccination campaign. But it is one that is rarely reached.

The Register reports that as of Wednesday, 65% of Iowans had received at least one shot of the vaccine, and 85% of those 65 and older had received at least one shot. Only 44% of people in the state are fully vaccinated. Demand for vaccinations peaked in Iowa in early April. At that time, more than 51,000 Iowans were getting a shot per day. That has now fallen to under 10,000 Iowans per day getting the vaccine.

In Ohio, Governor Mike DeWine reported a significant increase in vaccination rates after the state announced their new lottery. Five people who were fully vaccinated would take home a $1 million prize, and five teens who were fully vaccinated would win full ride college scholarships to an Ohio public university. The Register reports that other states including West Virginia, Minnesota, and Illinois, have also offered prizes like money, scholarships, and other prizes.

Several counties in Iowa have looked at offering their own rewards for getting their citizens vaccinated.


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